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On a rainy night, a child falls alseep to a bedtime story, only to awaken in the world from its pages. But, instead of a sunny dreamworld, the land is dark, its inhabitants missing. The Prism of the Sun has been stolen, and as the world darkens, it begins to fade away. To save children's dreams from eternal nightmare, the child must don the mantle of the "Warrior of Spirit," conquer their fears, and drive the darkness out of the land of Lusvald.

Can you be the brave knight who saved the sun?

Mythstal: Shadow of the Sun Cover

Mythstal: Shadow of the Sun is a turn-based RPG slated for release on Steam(and hopefully other platforms) in 2025.

Mythstal: Shadow of the Sun is currently pre-alpha with no playable demo as of yet, but the idea is to be a timed-turn-based RPG, with action and puzzle solving elements. Fluid team building will be a core aspect of the game, swapping out party members with different classes and skillsets, equipping them, and mapping spells and abilities to an ability wheel. The game will have new game+ modes that expand the story, and unlock new areas and puzzles to be solved, as well as sending stronger enemies and equipment your way.

The project is currently being developed alone by myself(Mark), but I am currently looking for a programmer to create a playable demo from the assets I currently have.

The music and sound effects were created by the amazingly talented xDeviruchi(Linktree). Check him out on YouTube, Instagram, and Soundcloud.

You can check out Mythstal: Shadow of the Sun at the following links:

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